Pit Bull

Pit Bulls-Do They Deserve the Bad Rap?

In the News There seems to be an endless supply of Pit Bull stories in the news. The attack stories, are the ones that are repeated over and over again. Much like any other topic, if it is bad, or […]

Clean Up the Cruelty Free Way

Clean Up The Cruelty Free Way

How to Clean Up the Cruelty Free Way…   How do I know a product is Cruelty Free? Cruelty Free Logos There are many indications that a product may be Cruelty Free. Below are some of the most common symbols. […]

can't afford vet care but still want pets

Can’t Afford Vet Care…

Why you can’t afford Vet care for your pet First of all you need to understand that veterinary care is not expensive for the services they offer. This article does a great job of explaining costs and comparing veterinary costs […]

dogs truly give unconditional love

Dogs Truly Give Unconditional Love

Dogs truly give unconditional love eagerly when we need it the most. I recently read a heartfelt tribute to a Dad and a dog. This story illustrates just how dogs truly give unconditional love. It was a hard job but […]

rhino poaching

Rhino poaching in Africa – Animal cruelty

Rhino Poaching is a Particularly Gruesome Form of Animal Cruelty…   The Rhinoceros is one of the most powerful and prestigious creatures on land. They have two distinctive horns on their foreheads that are used in wild battles. These Rhino […]

Woman denies eating her cats

msnbc video: Woman denies eating her cats

  Woman Denies Eating Her Cats Wow what a story! Doesn’t look like she has been eating her cats. They look well cared for. The house is not spotless but when I get to be that age I doubt I […]

Testing on animals www.cosmeticanimaltestingpictures.com

Cruelty Free Make Up

Is It Truly Cruelty Free Make Up? It is getting harder to know which companies truly produce cruelty free make up. Just when you think you are safe with a product, you find out who the parent company is or […]